Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Tuesday arrangements (changed)

I have taken the role of acting in Charna's and Sophies film opening.

They have asked me to take the part of one of the female characters in the woods at the campfire with two other characters. It will be involving a plot about fairies in the woods and a campfire. (The fairies will be projected through a fire hoop from Charna fire hopping in the evening.

Today I was supposed to be acting however the other character could not make todays arrangements so therefore we could not film. The group also needed consent from their parents due to the fire hoop being a safety issue.

(Healthy and safety for me)
1. Being as an actor and being present once the fire hopping is in activity.
2. A fire risk to any costume I wear or any props I include.

Because the group could not film today I just helped to out when Sophie was filming Charna in the fire hoop (not lighted).

Charna wanted to discover whether they could film in the day and using a editing program change the levels of lighting and use effects to make the footage darker.

The reason for this is the aim for their project is to have the fire hoop look like projected fairies exposed in the woods in darkness. Then my role is to act and take the place of the adventure and to spot them.

The new arrangements are too possibly film this evening after college. However due to I having finishing later with different lessons on my timetable it makes it difficult to make fixed arrangements.

The other plan is to set up the props and setting and tomorrow meet at 9-am at Coliridge then film at Charna' s house and woods.

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