Friday, 2 October 2009

Brief Exercise

I had to choose two briefs to plan on using imagery and text and font ideas,

I have followed one brief for this moodboard:

Film Brief 2
A supernatural thriller that will appeal to female audiences
Your film should appear to be an international co-production

I looked at images on google and deviant art and chose some images of angels, churches, locations of old villages and woods. I had to do one moodboard on images and applied them into Photoshop.

This is a print screen of my image display in Photoshop;

Here is a screen grab of it finished.

Here are some text and fonts that I feel represent the idea of my pitch for this brief.

I looked at this font website ( for text and I chose this one because I thought it was effective and represented the thriller feeling that my images I collected portray.

These are two possible titles that I made up for this supernatural thriller targeting female audience:

I choose these word because they represented the answers to peoples prayers however if you inflicted a good action you must equal it with a evil action. This title relates to the pitch for this idea.


The A stands for Angels and the R stands for Revenge this but I cut it to be short and snappy such as 'AR'

My pitch Idea for the supernatural thriller:

In the 17th century a little girl avenges her angel mothers death. only to soon find out she is a angel herself.

(Angel, Death,Revenge)

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