Friday, 2 October 2009


Brief one

A space shuttle teams discover an exact replica of earth, being a new discovery teams of shuttles head out to adventure in the unknown. Dangerous aliens are producing a habitat for a new race.
Earth could be in danger if there is a war to be soon.

Brief Two

Set in the 17th century a little girls angel mother is killed when they find out about her secret. The little girl yet discovers she is an angel herself and chooses revenge on anyone who is not her kind. For her revenge to seek more promising she sacrifices people who pray in church. She believes that any good should be equaled with the bad.

Brief Three

James and Tony lead their own adventure after fleeing a school trip to London and are targeted by a group of older londoners who take the two young boys on and they find themselves dealing with drugs and weapons.

Brief Four

A young king has to go in order to protect his kingdom from the darkforces, to stop the war beginning they want the young king to let his kingdom join their religion.

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