Sunday, 25 October 2009

Feedback for my film opening 2nd rough cut

Friend: Your film opening is good and represents the exact meaning of what you wished the whole film to be i completly got and understood the theme of which your aiming for within the first few frames, very good film opening, only one change could be made and thats the quality of some of the shots and camera work but overall very good!

Friend: the titles should last longer on screen and not fade out so quickly.

Alisons Film Opening.

Alison's Film opening is good.
I like the cctv effect that she has used. It looks so real. One part that I don't understand is the bells ringing then the stop. That makes it a bit odd. I think the end of it would look better if it did not fade out as a faulty camera would not do that, it would cut out suddenly.

The title at 14 seconds in is hard to see as it is white and the background is very white. If it was in it for longer i would be easier to see. The titles should also last longer as they are too short.
If it was my opening I would add different views of different streets to make it more interesting.

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