Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Target audience for your movie.

Questions to think about:

Female and Male

What is their favorite film?
A political thriller that captures the controlled surveillance in society.

How much TV do they watch?
They Only watch the TV for educational productions to help with their studies.

What do they do in their leisure time?
They read books and socialize with people at small local pubs with young people presenting their talent on stage.

What type of music do they like?
they enjoy relaxation music that has spiritual meaning.

Do they buy music?
They buy Cd albums from festivals after a performance. (listen to I tunes or Spotify)

Do they play video games? It would not be a satisfying interest for them, however maybe if socializing with other computer gamers.

Which ones?

How old are they?
25 years old

What are they called?
Male- William
Female- Daisy

How do they dress?
Female- Feminine (skirts,dresses, sensible clothing)
Male- loose clothing (buttoned tops and cotton trousers)

Where do they live?

What do they spend their money on?
Tending poetry reading performances at pubs, local gigs (reggae, indie music) (Entertainment)

What films do they watch?
Political genre's Educational, War (conflict) Animated Comedies.
examples: 1984, v for vendetta Equilibrium

they would be into nature and documentaries.

They would watch films on dvd's

DVD/Sky/Arts picture house/ Vue?

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