Tuesday, 6 October 2009

9 Frame Grid

This is a print screen of my title grid in Photoshop

Here is a screengrab

I chose selected images from google I was aiming for the theme of misty snowy mountains and music with wildlife. These images I thought would work well at the beginning of a film opening such as the location of the mountains and it sets a character on the piano and the elephant could set the film a plot.This activity has helped me to create titles into photoshop using images
from google and effectively trying to make it look like a film opening.I used different fonts for the titles to demonstrate the mood of the images.

This title is sharp and tall and stand out well above the mountains.

The titles and font I located above the misty circle in the icy mountains.
If you look at this font It mixes well with the mood of the image and has an old fashioned feel to the hand writing.

For this image I used two different fonts for the titles this is to display the two fonts which do look good on this background. The white is effective and looks good on the black back ground.

This font is is italic and looks like the type of title you would see on a snowy old fashioned street in a film.

In this image I used this font I thought the white worked well in the sky with the white fluffy clouds.

In this image I used spooky font in white that reflects the snow.

For the main title I used this font it reminded me of a swirly african font which relates for the elephant. I thought the white title was not to over powering. Black was not so effective.

When I come to create my title I will use this same approach In PhotoShop maybe I thought it was quick and simple but still really effective.

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