Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Making of my Film production logo

Once I designed my elephant in photoshop I then imported each layer into final cut express by saving it to web and devices then each layer was in correct setting for editing on final cut. once the layer were all in final cut, the footage was cut up in 5 seconds and then mixed the little cut blocks of footage worth 5 seconds with the other footage that I did the same to. Then this created an animation and the elephant logo began to walk. I used the motion key which I selected it to make the elephant walk across the black background.  Using the font it took me a while to decide what type of style of font I wanted.  I then made the text white to stand out on black background and using the key motion frame I dragged the title across the page. The elephant walks of the page with the title following behind it then the musics beat stops that I made at home on garage band. 

Here are all the different layers from photoshop of my elephant. 

In this screen grab the elephant is walking onto the screen. but the old green background was what I was going to use before but I decided that black was more effective. 

This is a print screen of my editing my logo in final cut express. 

This is where I created my tune for the ident on garage band, these are the instruments my tune consist of. 

These are all the selected loops you can choose on garageband then it locates instruments of the genre. 

Here is a print screen of garage band the track shown is the one I created for the ident.  

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