Sunday, 25 October 2009

Feed Back for Alex rough cut opening

(Feedback for Alex film opening)

Strengths of Alex's opening?

I think that the titles have worked really well, they represent the horror theme using correct font and colour.
The acting works well with the tension building up as one character follows another. This film opening suggest to me from the used audio towards the ending of the last character in agony from a wound says to me it is a funny horror film. However if removing the audio from the last scene would then provide a different genre of film just simple (horror) I think personally the comic funny horror side works well with the audio of the character in pain. I think this works well because it creates humor inside the audience which draws them in.

I personally like this shot i like how the feet on the character focus into frame.

I think the titles work well in this shot.

Weaknesses of the film opening?

The effect used for the footage hides the characters and I cannot focus on costume or props because it is not clear to me.
But however I do like how this effect has been taken in mind i think another type of comic horror effect would work well just not this selected one.

What do you think they should change?
I think that Alex could change the visual comic effect it is to sharp which destroys the footage. There could be music used to build up tension for atmosphere.

4. what has the other group still got to do? e.g. titles, sound, visuals

1. Titles of director, producer,costume,editor, etc...
2. Effects (white comic effect) for footage need to thought of clearly. (does it work?)
3. Music needs to be created and to match either a horror theme or a funny horror film.

Examples of films I consider as similar genre of Alex's film.

1. Shaun of the Dead

2. Scream

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