Friday, 2 October 2009

The LongRoad Logo Task

This is the logo that I was trying to fade out.

The task is to animate the LongRoad logo, this logo will be used before any productions I produce it will screen before my production logo.

This is a print screen of my logo being animated in final cut express.
I wanted my logo to be simple and to stand out on a black background. I used the key motion to create the logo to swipe across the black background firstly left then back on its self (right).

I tried using the parts of the logo and fading them before the writing was introduced 'Longroad sixth Form College.' I think that I will not fade just the logo out because it then appears a second time with the rest of the logo.

Such as here:

I decided that the logo should of stopped on the screen all at once and not to slide of, so I created another animation for the LongRoad logo.

This is my new animated longroad logo, it now projects the full logo on a white background. The logo appears then the writing then they fade out smoothly.

This is a image of the Final animated LongRoad clip I will be using before my productions.

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