Thursday, 15 October 2009

Editing My footage

I put the titles at the bottom but this is not effective.

In this Screengrab of my footage I Used this transition effect however it appears to over lap the inside of the screen. This is a disadvantage because the footage is trying to represent a cctv camera scanning around. So therefore we need the outline of the width of the camera lens.

S0o therefore I will change the transition and the titles because they are to simple I was thinking about a type writer for the titles. I will bring my footage in and edit it at college with support from my lectures. I was given advice to do the titles either on photoshop. The titles as well should be inside the outline of cctv camera box.

These are just screen grabs of where the transition effect it projected on the outside of the screen.

I have taken some footage at the weekend and now I am editing it, I have giving it as cctv camera effect to make it appear realistic. I want a male character who is walking along then being followed by the camera. I am Editing it on the sonyvega 9.0

I used TV Simulator the effects for a tv look. This gives my film opening a futuristic film style.

Here are some screen shots from the editing of my film opening rough cut :

Here is my rough cut video :

I used the title font daun phan and used transitions (flash) for the titles, I cropped the titles using a key frame to move them about. I positioned the titles on the black edges around the footage because I thought it stood out well. I used the title cast that I created when I was making a mood-board for one of my film briefs. I did this because I already used the same ones for my animatic. I took out the titles that were important and related to my production.

This is not my final Plan with just houses I will have a character walking along the housing estate then the cctv camera registers their data.

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