Sunday, 1 November 2009


Risk: The risk was I had to import my film opening project to the computers at Coleridge college on to final cut express. I did not not know whether this would be doable so I hoped it would import successfully.  

Danger: The project would not import and maybe I would not be able to complete further editing in lesson time.

Benefits: I would have more time to edit in Coleridge lessons and then have more time on my project. I then was able to see what effects I could use on final cut express.  

Risk: I needed to upload my final film opening project to youtube however youtube had a maintenance problem occur. 

Danger: Needed to be able to view my project on youtube to show teachers. 
Benefits if youtube worked: ill be able to paste my opening on to my blog then watch it from there. i would then be able to analyze my work. 

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