Sunday, 1 November 2009

Half Term Editing and Filming


When filming in half term I used the animatic for the sequence and had a clear understanding what to film. The shoots of the character walking did change slightly to my animatic.


I wanted the character to include a suitcase and a smart black jacket but with casual dark jeans. I think this costume worked really well because the suitcase made the character look important within the film and maybe a high role through the film. The dark jeans represent the character being rebellious and standing against the dress code for his operation of work. The black suit jacket makes them hidden and mysterious a figure of darkness that you can not tell what their complete actions would take in the role of the film. I think this costume helped to set the dark gloomy "im watching you' atmosphere."

After shooting my footage I uploaded it to Song Vegas then I began to practice doing small editing skills from using tutorials on youtube. I then began to edit the real version for my rough cut. It took me within around few days doing editing here and there.

Editing steps to my finished film opening

I have editied over the half term using song vegas. I have taken notes down on every effect,transition I have used to keep a clear understanding of what I have editied.

step 1: For the opening of the film It use begin with just the TV simulator effect (tv look) but I came across this other effect and though it was very efefct for the opning of my film 'Under Surveillance'.

The effect is a dissolve Threshold which I dragged onto the opening clip which gave the opening footage a futuristic uncomfortable edgy feeling.

Step 2: Through out all the clips I had decided to give it more characteristic to the cctv effect look by adding a time code (selected in time and frames option) I think this is effective as for it gives the cctv effect. Also this relates to the main character throughout my film as you can see walking at the beginning of the film opening on camera. It realtes to what he believed in the past that time is now non existent and shall not be remembered.

Step 3: Through out the clips you will notice there is a dark gloomy atmosphere set in the lighting and contrast of colour used and the music with that too relates to the environment. For this dark gloomy effect I adjusted the colour levels of brightness to the effect of the tv simulator Under brightness and contrast levels (select darker)

Step 4: In one clip you will see there an effective glimpse of the clip as 'static'
I did this because the clip involoved is the main character walking past some trees which the cctv camera focuses static. There was a static bar that I selected and changed I adjusted the levels of the Tv effect I am used.

Step 5: For the data when tracking the characters analysis details I used a flash for colour which created the tension to audience that this character is untrackable has the wrong indentification and there is tension building up with the harsh noise of the sound effect beeping and the screen jittering with titles flashing. For the colour efefct I used Dissolve transition I selected colour bleed fast blue / yellow.

To add this transition it is more time consuming than just dragging the effect on to the clip instead I had place the transition at the begining of any clip then cut the clip short then add another transition. basically keeping it very small so the transition clip then footage clip and this little sequence followed to be long with the repetitve tiny clips to create the flash.

Step 6: Title: Titles were a worry for me I wanted them to bring the best of my footage and give in some atmophere and tension. I have now completed my desired titles I needed and I am pleased with the turn out.

To do the type writing effect on Song Vegas I researched onto youtube studying instructional videos on how to create them (as pasted onto my blog) As seen on the youtube video this is how I did the titles for my opening.

I Choose media generators then selcted then choose default text (titles)
Using the motion key points I created one on the titles timeline then highlighted the point and wrote a letter, then tapped four spaces right using the arrow key on the keyboard and then created another key motion point then wrote another letter then tapped four spaces made another point then put a letter. It is more time consuming than just having ordinary titles.

Also I applied the same Tv effect to the titles as I did the Footage.

Step 7: This is now towards the ending of my Film opening and I have the Under Survelliance title at the end. For the jumpy moving around effect for the films title I just adjusted the Tv effect look and made it move around the screen as if the the camera had broken

Step 8: For the white flash I used the same effect as I did the beginning of the opening the Threshold effect I used a hard flash transition. The reason for this is because It cuts easy into live action shot of my character. I wanted to do this effect on final cut but I couldnt find what I was looking for so I did it on Song vegas.

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