Saturday, 7 November 2009

Evaluation Three

Directors Commentary task of My Film Opening

I recorded the voice over (directors commentary on Imovie, and then uploaded it to youtube.

My directors commentary Script:

Hi im Alison Murphy the creator of the film 'Under Surveillance.' Before i started work on my film opening I created a production company logo.

I decided to animate a walking cartoon elephant as this strongly reflects my production companies (Am Productions).

The AM initials represent my name and surname. my productions have been varied the main production I have produced is this film opening, Other productions include instructional videos and music videos.

I found a distributor called coffee films and they specify in british independent films.

I believe that they would be a perfect company to distribute my film as mine also is a british independent film.

If my film was to go into production I would ask for funding from national lottery as in the past they have funded a variety of british independent films. My film relates to the film 1984 due to the surveillance theme, also my film and 1984 would be released in a similar way because they would target a specific audience group.

I have chosen a variety of titles which follow the same style as a traditional film opening for example I display the directors name and producers name to the audience these are important titles that are also used in many other film openings.

Although these titles have not been placed in the correct order I think that it is only important to have the titles showing at the beginning of a film.

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