Sunday, 1 November 2009

Creating the music

The sound track for my film opening is shown above.

For my sound track I used the mix craft software. I decided to use a variety of sound effects and sound clips (music clips etc).

The type of sound effects/music clips I used af follows:
1. Alien signal
I used this sound effect because to add to the atomosphere of the film
2. Alien signal 2
3. Kick
The kicks effect gives it a base feel and covers the music to be blurry.
4. Aliens
5. object spinning inside metal (slow)
Gives it the creepy feel to the film.
6. sound scape scanners
7. camera auto focus 2
8. Digital alarm clock tone
This helps alert the audience when he character is untraceable
9. helipcopter

The feeling of no privacy works well as background sound
10. mixed beat 3
11.sounds communications
12. traffic 1
13. radio tuning
Sounds of CCTv operation and hidden noise which causes panic and tension.
14. snare
15. piano 1
Gives the impression of the character walking of with a rebellion tone of walking and music.

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