Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Evaluation Activity Two

Here is the screen grab and print screen of my characters side by side on Photoshop they are similar and involved in a similar production, however different budgeting and production companies. 

Evaluation Plan for similar characters:

Changing the past and factual history

My character is being watched by cctv operation.

These two shots from my film opening and the 1984 George Orwell's film. They both represent the same costume and props. Such as the suitcase that Winston is holding and then my character is holding a black suit case too. I did not realize that there was actual similarity between my costume and props. But researching into this film I now can relate my character with another one from the same type of film background and genre.

This character is being watched by the wall posters and security.

Evaluation Task outline: How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Pick a key character from your opening. Take a screengrab of a reasonable sized image of them. Think of one or more characters from other films with some similarity to them:

I looked at youtube and located the trailer for the film 1984 George Orwell. I took screen grabs of the character 'Winston' because he has similarities to my main character in my film opening. The use of cameras shots as well relates to some of mine and the atmosphere 'being Watched' The shots as well of the character are the type of shots that would be similar in beginning of my actual film and through out my film idea. Such as my animatic I created It to be set with he character looking through books and the past (historical materials). And the new type of jobs that would be employing people to change the past.

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