Sunday, 8 November 2009

Evaluation Activity Six

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

I have learnt how to use Song Vegas for editing and mix craft for producing a music soundtrack on. Also I have developed my skills further using photoshop.

I have annotated the equipment I have used above.
1. I used the Sony HD Camera for use of filming
2. Keyboard for editing
3. Song Vaio PC- appropriate for easy access to editing software plus a (variety of softwares included) and a wide screen to edit on. I downloaded MixCraft a music program as I needed the type of sound loops for my film opening.
4. Tripod used for accurate steady filming to give a good quality of footage.
5. Camera Charger- Full charged camera for time consuming footage to be shot.

I have used these internet websites :

1. Youtube for tutorials on how to use song vegas and annotation of a youtube video, to watch my uploaded rough cut film opening, To study other film openings that are similar and research.

2. Flickr to upload pictures from flickr to my blog for photographic evidence.

3. Blogger for evidence and activities to show the progression and evidence of my film opening.

4. Final Cut: I used this to edit my rough cut film openings along with Song Vegas.

5. Photoshop: I used photoshop for my AM ident production and to create nine frame grids and other activities.

6. Vimeo I have used Vimeo to download my film rough cuts to my blog and my ident production.

7. Garageband I used to create a rough cut sound track for my rough cut film opening.

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