Monday, 2 November 2009

Final day of editing adjustments

Today is the final day of editing at Coleridge and I will be handing in my film project,

Feedback for the final project:

1. There may be a problem with how the letter box framing will cut out the lettering.
You can decrease the size of the screen and then this will stop the lettering being cut out however it does mean this changes the TV effect I used so therefore this may be a better improvement or worse.

Incorrect order of the Directors film title. 
2. The producer is the last title at the end of the film opening before the title of the film, however the director role is meant to be the last title on the opening sequence.

I would change the titles around and have the director last before the producer however because I worked on Song Vegas I have added many transitions and dissolves so therefore moving the titles around would effect my opening. Because I was working on final cut express in college I had no flexibility to change the last title, However as long as there are titles in the film opening sequence an the roles are displayed then that should be most important. 

I would of changed: 

1. If I had the chance to re edit the film opening then I would of have moved the directors role as the last title.

2. I would have changed the use of camera work maybe had kept the representation of my cctv camera movement however maybe used quicker cuts and shots of the character walking by, However this is purposely down to have slow unsteady edgy camera movement I think I still would have the skills to show more camera work. (I adjust the camera work make it more exploring)

3. I did like the location but I would rather have had it look more 'under security'  such as outside of a building.  So if I re-filmed it I would use a different location and setting.

4. I would not change the character of props included 


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