Monday, 21 September 2009

PhotoShop Lecture on how to create the effect of the film Juno

Having an hour and a half's lecture on more photoshop tools has helped me to understand how to use photoshop and how to present my work more effectively.

Task: To download the LongRoad image from Flickr and to open in photoshop and then edit the image in the Juno effect.

I downloaded the longroad image and then edited it on photoshop given by these instructions which I noted down for future reference.

Photoshop tools I studied:

1. open your image in to Photoshop
2. Select pen tool and highlight paths
3. select one section of the image using the pen tool join up the dots around the shape of the longroad building (or any image you choose)
4. Keep creating a new layer for each whole highlighted shape in the image. (repetitive)
5. Choosing the Brush tool and selecting the pencil tool = diameter 9 ' (black colour)
6. select the pen tool on the image the use (control) and choose in menu stroke path then select pencil.
(This will highlight your image outline.)
7. choose new (graph paper)
Width = 20 pixels
Height = 20 pixels
Resolution = 72
( A small page will appear with a small sized small)
8. selecting the box choose select all , edit and stroke, then choose colour (centre) this highlights the image around the points and lines.
9. Edit define pattern
10. Control fill path on image
11. choose the grid
12. select all paths (layers) with stroke and pencil then use the paint bucket and fill in the image with paint.
13. final = layer style option Bevel and Emboss.

Finishing Touches

Copy the Longroad logo and paste onto the cartoon effected longroad building.

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