Monday, 28 September 2009

My animated Production Logo

I have decided to choice a image of an elephant as they are animals that play a major part of my interest, Using this image of this sketched elephant I have edited it in photoshop.

My objective is to animate this image of the elephant and have it represent Alison's productions.

I was shown how to cut out the legs of the image and then rub out any unwanted outlines. Then using transform and selecting rotate you can move the images of the legs and position them to where the leg would move to if walking. After this was finished it was imported to final cut express from photoshop then put together as a sequence. After ti was edited in Final Cut express the animated effect worked and the elephant walks along.

I used a blurred effect in settings on photoshop which gave this elephant a shadowed effect to its shape. I outlined the elephants shape with a paint brush (small: 1) to give it more characteristics of a cartoony sketch.

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