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Case study of a film

Task One

Lord Of War
Opening Titles


In these screen grab shots I have selected from the opening of the film Lord Of War the imagery is focused on the positioning of the bullet and the titles. As you can the titles trace the movement of the bullet when the bullet is laying vertical you will notice the titles are on the right side of the screen moving forward. when the bullet has been picked up and placed back on the conveyer belt, a short moment after this you can see the title is still on the right hand still however the title has followed the tip of the bullet. The font used for these titles is set to be as a russian type theme also the font follows the characteristics of the tall and narrow bullet.

Audience Interest:

Throughout this opening the camera shots used give the impression you are the bullet. Focusing on the action in front leads you and the bullet in a journey through the factory and transportation to the war field where then the bullet (seen as you) are then fired into a character.


Opening sequence is filmed on the song "For What It's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield.

The music used for this film opening is representative of the footage seen both preparation and during the war.
The lyrics "stop hey whats that sound" brings the audience closer to the action and provokes the audience to imagine what the war could be like later on in the film. It creates a jolly effect in the opening. This music track being non diegetic is being accompanied by the diegetic sounds such as the bullets rattling and the machinery and sound of transportation. This in turn helps to build tension in the film opening.

Main character:

There is no apparent main characters within this opening sequence apart from the bullet and the workers in the factory and transport. Although you are introduced to a character at the end which sends of the message about why that bullet was made for the first place which was war hence the title Lord Of War. So this introduces the audience to a possible character who will likely be appearing later on in the film, This character being' The Lord Of War.

Settings and Lighting:

At the start of the film opening the setting is in a dark factory which makes it seem like a dark film, also the gritty factory setting which shows the audience it may be a war film or a industrial film also it seems. However later on in the film opening as the bullet gets further into the journey it lightens up gradually until eventually the bullet reaches its destination the scene lightens completely, this creates tension to not only the bullet but the environment around it. This clearly suggest it is a war type environment.

Introduction to Action and Story:

When the film opens you can suggest that the film will be a dark film with violence, it tells you that the film is about war and the action introduced. The story line beings with no decision of what the bullet plays a role as but when the bullet if fired then the story has been showed. It shows this film will be about the dealing/ selling of arms and weapons during the war times.

Studio, Production company, Distributor:

Although there is no is no visible distributor or production company or studio I did a bit of background research and found out that lion gate was the distributor for this film 20th century fox provided the post production facilities for the making of this film. As for the other things I am not to sure as they do not appear on the opening titles of this film.

Job Titles - Producer, director, editor, etc..:

There are many names that appear within this opening sequence such as the actors and people that work within other roles such as director or producer. The first name the audience is shown is the lead character / actor whom is Nicolas Cage, this shows the audience that he is obviously going to play the lead character within this film.

Here is a list of the other cast who acted in this film:

This film was written and directed by Andrew Niccol

Here is a link which will show you a full list of producers, makeup artists, stunt coordinators and many more...

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