Saturday, 19 September 2009

After having a lecture of how to use a small area of tools on photoshop we was given a task to create independetly a post card for the Creative and Media Diploma.

This image I used from Flickr because I feel it relates to the new courses growth and the potential creativity.

This is my final post card

This image I used from flickr was photographed at Aldubourgh during a creative and media filming trip.

I took notes on what tools to use on Photoshop:

All the tools I learnt and used on Photo Shop:

Preset custom
Width 14.7
Height 10.6

Resolution 200

Scale size:

Edit - Transform-Scale

Image Adjustments
Colour levels (I used this tool to change the levels of projected colour in the images.)

Magic tool
(Command D)

Rubber tool ( I used to smooth the edges on the shell image.

Layer Style for fonts

Layer rastorize -type of colour and layer

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