Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Editing Juno

My Planning for Juno

Story Board and Camera Shots and Locations

Location- music room windows of guitars

camera work - Medium shot

Location - outside music room + path

Camera work- Longshot

Location - outside the school

Camera work- medium shot

Location- gate outside the school

Camera work- Long shot

Location- field

Camera work- mid shot

Location - Quad or field

Camera Shot- mid shot


camera shot medium shot

Location- car park

camera shot- Long shot

Location _ anywhere in front of a wall

Camera shot- Close up.

Location- Houses in the background (field)

Camera Shot- long shot or medium shot

Props - plastic bottle

Location - filmed in front of houses.

camera Shot- Medium shot

Props - red and yellow, and plastic bottle

My filming group consisted of Tom, Charna and Alex. Our task was to film and remake the opening of the film Juno.
I screengrabbed the shots and wrote down how long each shot last for and the camera movement. We searched for locations to film and then followed the storyboard and filmed the shots.

I took the role of acting the character Juno and was filmed by my group. They directed me where to walk to and how and how long for. The storyboard helped us to imagine the shots and what direction to focus the camera at. (different angles)
Once shooting the footage for the remake of Juno's film opening I edited the footage on Final Cut Express and the music from the Juno's opening and changed the effects for the footage.

I used the effect Sharpen which gave the footage cartoon imagery, I did this because it was similar to the film Juno.I used page peel which is a effect for titles, this peels the title from the page. I faded out the music at the ending and the singing voice faintly drifts out.I added titles such as editors,producers,and who it is by. Then exported the film opening ready to view on youtube.

I am pleased with the editing and how the music brings the opening more lively and entertaining. I think some of the shots could have been thought more of and in position and better chosen locations. The shot where I am holding the wrong prop and instead it was shot of me holding the shot list. I should of been holding the bottle.


Overall feedback was good however the actor looked directly at the camera now and again. The editing could of been improved to give it a more of cartoon look.

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