Monday, 28 September 2009

A Experiment with The Green Screen

We choose this Longroad image from the website Flickr and we edited this in photoshop.

This is the greenscreen and the treadmill in the gym, and there is the camera and the lights.

As a class we filmed volunteers who wanted to walk on the treadmill in the Gym in front of the green screen. we all had a chance to take a role such as operating the camera and lighting. I took the role of lighting and camera for a short time.

After editing the Longroad image on photoshop this is what my finished results looked like:

After I edited the Longroad image On final Cut Express I edited. This is my Finished Version.
I done Two one is in Sepia effect I made two copies because I thought they both looked effective.

This the Uploaded version one with no effect used.

This is the uploaded version where I used the effect sepia.

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